Almost all the 400 detective agencies and the 1000 security agencies of India (in Chennai itself there are 35 private detective agencies and about 100 security agencies are functioning) are run by either Ex-servicemen or by any other businessmen. Most of them are not come from the background of scientific and psychological investigation. But they require some professionals or at least some staffs who have such knowledge in this regard. In the competitive world no one can stand without any basic scientific knowledge about their profession.

Actually these detective and security agencies are not having such persons because no such course or training is provided anywhere in India. To satisfy their requirement, this attempt has been made to educate the students and others those who have already in this profession.

We hope this course will serve its purpose to all the students who want to become a successful investigator. Legal, Forensic and the Computer aspect of the investigation is provided in detail in our Advanced Diploma in Private Investigation. However the students who have completed our Diploma in Private Investigation only allowed to continue the Advanced Diploma.

This institute is also supported by the directors of Eagle's Eye Detective Agency, and has a plan to use the successful candidates in the investigation process at their own locality at the time of necessity. It will be informed to the candidates at the completion of the course