Eagles Institute of Intelligence

This institution was incorporated by the well trained officers both in academic and in practical investigation from the pioneer investigating agency in Chennai, Eagles's Eye Detective Agency. The author of this lesson has an academic and practical knowledge of what he has written in our lesson. He is a recommended, qualified lecturer from University Grants Commission, New Delhi & Bharathidasan University, Trichirapallli, Tamil Nadu. The motive of this institution is to educate the students and others in the field of investigation of different sort and above all, to educate the people to co-operate better with the police at the time of necessity.

The course will be useful to the students who want to become a private investigator, or a police person or any other person who works in the law enforcement department. Besides, this course will educate the common people about the procedures and the approach of the police in the crime investigation which will help them to assist police or atleast prevents them from destroying the material evidence found in the crime scene.