Corporate Intelligence

Pre-employment screening:

It is very essential to check and prevent the entry of any unscrupulous and undesired person, and the trusted employee of your competitor in the Organization. Since prevention is better than cure, the management can adapt this procedure to filter the unwanted elements to enter into the concern. We provide information about the candidate's social background, previous job record, academic career, financial status and police record.

Post-employment screening:

Post-employment screening must be done periodically or as & when the management decides to post or attach him to a sensitive and important department. In this regard we provide the information about candidate's change in status, off duty activities, new habits and interest in work.

Under Cover Services:

In most of the companies the Manager or the key person may not be available full time at the place where the maximum attention to be made. In these circumstances our trained investigators are recruited among the staffs and will provide the clear picture of all events occurred in the absence of the Manager. This Under Cover Services were useful in finding the anti-management and Union activities, continuous thefts, sincerity of the staffs etc. Like a medical checkup one concern may use our UNDER COVER services once in a year, to prevent the possible problems, which may arise in the future.

Verification of Insurance claims:

We offer our services to the insurance agencies in the verification of the claims raised by the various parties such as companies and individuals. We confirm the statement given by the companies and the individual about the incident and if any contrary information is noticed that will be analyzed and the real motive behind the statement is exposed.

Infringement of trademark:

A famous brand name always runs the risk of being infringed by peddlers of spurious goods. The copiers copy the labels, flavor and colour of the product. As a result the genuine product starts falling and the company starts to suffer huge losses. At lost the company losses its reputation and the customer get the worst of all. In such cases we help our clients to locate the spurious goods suppliers and the key person behind the operation.

Misappropriation of corporate assets:

Nowadays we can find almost all the staffs in each Organization is using the company's properties in one way or the other and was found indispensable. Only to a certain extent company can adjust with the staffs and if the company thinks that these expenses were too high and want to put off such expenses, the company can utilize our services.

Theft of Trade Secrets:

All the successful companies are running because of some particular trade secrets apart from their hard work and other skills. Such secrets are the backbone for the growth of the company and kept in a confidential manner. In case of any theft of such secrets one can call us to find out real culprit.